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About United Voice Oklahoma

America is a divided country. We live in an era of vitriol and pejorative name calling, devoid of civil discourse. The country is polarized. We retreat to our own communities or “safe places”, evaluating the uncomfortable and hard issues from a “safe distance”. We’re homogenized, often following a group-think approach to every problem without ever delving deeper into the problems facing individuals outside of our realms of security.

There is a tremendous gap between one race’ understanding of the issues and another’s experience and understanding of these same issues. Our goal is to create a state of greater understanding between people, as well as becoming relational with our neighbors. We want to break down the walls of fear, ignorance and bigotry by revealing who our neighbors are and humanizing their experiences, allowing everyone to become more empathetic to their plight.

Race discussions are uncomfortable, a difficult thing for people to talk about. We’re asking people to recognize that these things have happened, allowing us to place our feet into the foundation of these facts so that we can begin moving forward.

UNITED VOICE OKLAHOMA is Oklahoma’s Media response to addressing these problems. This is a collaborative effort among the local media (Television, Radio and Newspaper) and community leaders in Oklahoma. The goal is to create a state of better understanding between all people in Oklahoma. This will be accomplished by engaging our viewers, listeners and readers with compelling stories which reveal the equality of our neighbors and humanize their experiences.

The media, as a collective, is unified in promoting dialogue. They’re united in providing a Voice to the issues with an effort towards promoting dialogue in a civil manner and to enlighten people to the experiences of their neighbors.

If we can enhance empathy among our neighbors we can better bridge the cultural gaps and improve the process of informed decision making.


Create a multi-platformed media campaign addressing race issues facing Oklahoman’s. Reflect what people feel, allowing them to see all sides and positions on the issues. Gather community leaders who reflect calm and civility when discussing the issues. These issues must be addressed with dignity and civility, devoid of contemptuous, condescending attacks by either side.

Replace the invective, character-demonizing remarks with constructive dialogue. Let’s begin by listening to one another. Move from “Shouting Down” people with different viewpoints to “Sitting Down” and conversing with them. Replace the “Diatribe” with “Dialogue”, “Rudeness” with “Respect” and “Acrimony” with “Acceptance”.


Let’s be a city on a hill and a beacon to everyone!

Our Vision


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